Gift Of Sight (Singapore) Project


The Community Eye Care Team was formed in September 2010 by a group of like-minded and enthusiastic individuals from diverse backgrounds to collect and distribute pre-owned spectacles to underprivileged communities. The team members come from diverse fields of professions, including qualified optometrists, teachers, business owners and professional photographers. Together, they have performed more than 30 missions over a span of 13 years, both locally and overseas.


To provide underprivileged communities with better vision so as to enhance their quality of lives. To inculcate the spirit of volunteerism in Singaporeans and build a kinder community that shares and helps the less fortunate.


Our scope of work includes creating awareness of the project by giving talks, training of volunteers in using the necessary equipment for recycling of spectacles and facilitating overseas missions.

Volunteers and interested organisations work closely with us in the various phases of each project, namely:

  1. collection of recycled spectacles,
  2. sorting, measuring and cataloguing of spectacles,
  3. providing eye check-ups
  4. and
  5. matching and dispensing of the recycled spectacles overseas.


The team has worked with many Singapore Government Schools, tertiary institutions, private organisations and overseas volunteer groups on this project in providing free eye screening to communities in countries around the region.

Locally, the Community Eye Care Team also works with Grassroots organisations and schools to provide FREE eye screening to residents in the community.